Afterschool Enrichment Program - Aim High Academy

Afterschool Enrichment Program

The place to be after school!

Afterschool Enrichment Program Starting November 5th, Aim High, at the East Greenwich Location, will be launching its new After School Program. Upon arrival at Aim High Academy, children will gather in our new Universe-ity Room. Children will have access to computers and tutors while they complete their homework. Students will also have time to relax and unwind from their busy day prior to any activities. Those students who have gymnastics will be brought to their classes while other students will have a chance to blow off steam on our playground, time for creativity with arts & crafts, time for socialization with their friends, and a chance to strategize while playing games and participating in team building activities.

We will be out at Cole Middle School and Eldredge Elementary School in East Greenwich providing transportation on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from your child's school to Aim High Academy's front door.

Children from all schools are welcome to join us. Transportation is limited to the local East Greenwich Schools at this time. Other schools may be added at a later date.

Special Introductory Rate of $10/day.